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Blaise Siwula "Live in London”
With guest artist Alan Wilkinson
Recorded: Dec 9&17 2008
Released: 12/10/2010
“New York Encuentro”
Katsuyuki Itakura
Richard Gilman-Opalsky
Blaise Siwula
Recorded July 6th, 2006
Released: 03/29/11
“Call Red Dragon”
Stone Arabia – Robyn Siwula, Mike Irwin, Dmitry Ishenko, Blaise Siwula and Brian Adler
Recorded: Oct 23rd 2009
Released: 10/17/2011
Merida Encuentro – Merida Swings
Armando Merid Martin, Edgar Caamal, Blaise Siwula and guest Alvar Canto-Torres
Recorded May 28th, 2013
Released: 10/22/2013
“SometimesThe Journey Is A Vision”
Giancarlo Mazzu, Luciano Troja and Blaise Siwula
Recorded May 1st, 2013
Released: 03/05/2014
NFM- 006
“Songs For Albert”
Shiro Onuma and Blaise Siwula
Recorded: July 25, 2009
Released: 08/22/2014
“Past the Future”
Carsten Radtke, Joe Hertenstein and Blaise Siwula
Recorded:Sept 1, 2014
Released: 01/06/2015
“Beneath The Ritual”
Luciano Troja, John Murchison and Blaise Siwula
Recorded April 26th, 2014
Released: 02/23/2015
“Time In”
Eric Plaks and Blaise Siwula
Recorded: Aug 26th, 2015
Released: 02/22/2016
NFM- 0012
"Rags to Ragas"
Luciano Troja and Blaise Siwula
Released 12/07/2016
NFM- 0013
"Los jaguares sueñan flamingos"
Israel Flores Bravo and Blaise Siwula
Released 03/28/2017
NFM- 014
Windows to the World Beyond
Eric Plaks and Aquiles Navarro
released June, 2017
NFM- 015
Past the Potatoes
Blaise Siwula, John Loggia and Aron Namenwirth
released August 25th, 2017

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